What is Uterine complains

A Uterus is the holder of a woman’s creative power; the power she uses to create, nurture and sustain a child, as well as to consciously create her own life and thus fulfil her life- purpose. Hence any problem in uterus should be cleared without side effects. Treating uterine problems with ayurveda is becoming the first option.

Treating the uterine fibroids involves Ayurvedic formulations, cleansing treatments, diet and lifestyle changes that will correct the quantity and quality of the doshas, balance the movement of apana vata, kindle agni (digestive !re) and stabilise prana. A lekhana (scraping, clearing) approach is required to both clear congestion from the digestive tract and channels of circulation, and to reduce the mass of fibrotic tissue.

Causes Of Uterine complains

The typical uterine complaints include pain, pressure sensations, dysmenorrhea. Symptoms like

  • excessive mental stress
  • long-term emotional suppression
  • lack of exercise

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