What is Fore Foot Pain

Foot pain, as we have seen, is a common cause of discomfort, disability and difficulty exercising. Foot pain may be classed into heel pain and forefoot or metatarsal pain and should be carefully diagnosed to allow for optimum treatment choices. Application of local and systemic Ayurvedic chikitsa and shodhan therapies may provide improved quality of life for individuals suffering from foot pain. Metatarsal pain can also be caused by joint disorders. Sreevaidya is providing the best treatments for these patients. An ayurvedic foot bath and foot massage relaxes the whole physiology and provides a feeling of revitalization, increased energy, and improved circulation.

Causes Of Fore Foot Pain

  • Sharp, aching or burning pain in the ball of your foot — the part of the sole just behind your toes
  • Sharp or shooting pain, numbness, or tingling in your toes
  • A feeling of having a pebble in your shoe

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